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The Order of The Self

The African Diaspora

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The Origin of Species
by Charles Darwin

The Age of the Earth
by Chris Stassen

What, if anything, is a Mitochondrial Eve?
by Krishna Kunchithapadam

The Mitochondrial Eve is NOT our common ancestor, or even common genetic ancestor. She is the most-recent common ancestor of all humans alive on Earth today with respect to matrilineal descent. That may seem like a mouthful, but without even a single one of those qualifying phrases, any description or discussion of the ME reduces to a lot of nonsense.

Fossil Hominids: mitochondrial DNA

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Dawn of Man Video Set
Dawn of Man
Video Set

The Real Eve
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Universe 2001: Beyond the Millennium Video Set

Handbook of Human Symbolic Evolution by Andrew Lock (Editor), Charles R. Peters (Editor)
Handbook of Human Symbolic Evolution by Andrew Lock (Editor), Charles R. Peters (Editor)

The Evolution of Culture : An Interdisciplinary View by R. I. M. Dunbar
The Evolution of Culture : An Interdisciplinary View by R. I. M. Dunbar

In the Footsteps of Eve : The Mystery of Human Origins by Lee R. Berger, Brett Hilton-Barber
In the Footsteps of Eve : The Mystery of Human Origins by Lee R. Berger, Brett Hilton-Barber

River Out Of Eden: A Darwinian View Of Life by Richard Dawkins
River Out Of Eden: A Darwinian View Of Life by Richard Dawkins

Darwin's Dangerous Idea : Evolution and the Meanings of Life by Daniel C. Dennett

Illusions : The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach
Illusions : The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach

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Evolution of the bicameral brain facilitated the development of human beings. With this singular development, life was raised to a level beyond mere instinctual existence. The neocortex enabled our species to search consciously for cause and effect, to apply logic to existence, and to develop an understanding of the world beyond its own, immediate survival needs.
- John H. Brand, J.D.

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Opening Ceremony
Monday, 27th July 1998
Custom House, 9.15am

Statement on Emancipation

Good Morning ladies and gentlemen let us get to work.

Addressing the African Diaspora is about facilitating all people in developing a healthy worldview.

Developing a healthy worldview is a prerequisite to personal, spiritual and global development. Our worldview cannot start from any so-called religious teaching or Greek philosophical concept.

People harboring this limited falsified view, are unaware of millions of years of our human foundation in Africa, where all humans originated.

Our awareness of ourselves, and the personification of our spiritual experiences, began all the way back in Africa. Spiritual atonement was first realized in Africa, before we had all these "Religious" and racial biases.

It is from this land that people should develop a healthy worldview, first from our common ancestry, then through our diverse people and lands.

Today most people's view of the world is centered in Europe or some other landmass where differences evolved.

This leaves people perceiving Africa as having always been the recipient of other people's charity, never being the developers and creators of anything.

Supernova Remnant
The decadence that exists in Africa today is as a result of brutal invasions and colonization by Europeans who were once on the receiving end of the generosities of Africa and African people.

A lot of people do not know that Africa was well developed with cities and schools long before there were any organized societies in Europe.

People, who do not know Africa's true history, remain perceiving Africa and by extension African people though the misinformed propaganda, about the backwardness of African people.

These were just stories developed by some writers who were trying to legitimize slavery, and white supremacy.

People should learn of Africa and human development before slavery, colonialism and cultural genocide, to get a clearer picture of humanity from our ROOTS.

All people should view the world from this reality in order to gain a better understanding of human and spiritual development to realize their place in time.

Supernova Remnant
Reality requires total understanding on the objective level as well as on the subjective level of our existence.

This work of consciously developing is about getting in touch with reality. Getting in touch with reality is about realizing the truth, and to realize truth people must be willing to investigate and share facts.

The ongoing legacy of colonialism has brought destruction and ongoing distress to both the colonizer and the colonized. Every colonized people, every people in whose soul an inferiority complex has been created by the destruction of their memory, adopts the language and values of the colonizing nations.

To quote Frantz Fanon, "The colonized is elevated above the jungle status in proportion to his adoption of the colonial country's cultural standards. The colonized people perceive themselves superior as they renounce their blackness.

"They are used to convey their master's orders to their fellowmen, and for this they enjoy a superficial position of honor.

"When a black person gets a chance to go to a European country, he is jubilant and makes up his mind to change. He behaves with the expression; "I am going to get a start in life". There is an alteration to his biochemical make up, as he moves into this altered reality.

The black person perceives the dominant European country as the tabernacle. He changes because he starts to view his own state through the eyes of the colonizer.

The fact that this type of person returning home to his former groups, speaks a different language, and develops a superiority complex is evident of a dislocation, a separation.

The African Inferiority Complex is particularly intensified amongst the most academic of Africans who struggle with this unceasingly.

The styles they prefer, their preferred forms of social intercourse and the extent they go to prove their mastery of a European language exemplify this.

This contributes to his feelings of equality with the European and his achievements. They detest being associated with their acquired perception of the inferior Africans.

They are the first to defend the notion of a superior European." This is understandable, a Negro is just a child, a mimic of short-term materials grandeur, a habitual victim.

When I speak of Africa it is not to prove to the white world the existence of a black civilization it is just to stimulate latent memories, towards a resurgence of self-confidence, which is greatly lacking amongst all people.

A lot of black people dream of a form of salvation that consist of magically turning white.

I must strive to ensure that children are not held hostage by that form of self-debasing mentality.

Supernova Remnant
Lots of people perceive white and black as two opposite poles of our world, two poles in perpetual conflict. The word has been spoken it must be remembered, White or Black that is the attitude.

Both sides lack understanding of the other and themselves, so there is no common ground.

Some blacks search through their family line looking for a white ancestry to be proud of. Black parents are eager to see their children marry into lighter shades, thinking that would give their children more opportunities in the future.

Some people unable to attract partners in the lighter shade resort to the, "he may be black but at least" in their conversations. All are attempts to make excuses for blackness.

All of this is the legacy of cultural genocide, the cause of color prejudices.

African people have been the victims of color prejudice so we should examine this.

What is color prejudice?

Well to quote Sir Alan Burns-" It is nothing more than the unreasoning hatred, one for another, the contempt of the stronger and richer people for those whom they consider inferior to themselves and the bitter resentment of those who are kept in subjection and are so frequently insulted.

As color is the most outward manifestation of race, it has been made the criterion by which people are judged irrespective of their social or educational attainments.

The light skinned peoples have come to despise all those of a darker color and the dark skinned people will no longer accept without protest the position to which they have been relegated."

Supernova Remnant

There is an area that people do not normally speak about. Look at the world today, look at the number of children born out of white and black relations, and then look at how many are married.

There is a minority of black and white marriages, but there are a lot of mixed people from these relations.

These are mostly people born out of the encounters of the slave masters and their female slaves, with these mixed people marrying back into their groups of lighter shade.

Traditionally white males do not marry black females. They enjoy reveling in the God-like attention black females shower on them but they do not want these black females in their privileged circles.

They generally go back and marry White virgins. There is so much to dialogue on this but I would leave this for another time.

We should understand why a majority of black people cannot take pleasure in their insularity. For them there is only one way out and it leads into the white world.

Their constant preoccupation with attracting the attention of white people, their concern with being powerful like white people, their determined effort for gaining material wealth by any means necessary enters them into the concretization of the ego.

Thus they fight admittance into white sanctuaries. Remember the club issue? Why would people want to go and put money into the hands of people who do not like them?

This attitude is derived from the intent.

For some in the midst of their mythical euphoria where they soar from light brown to white.

How is it possible for them to accept an incarnate of God with African features?

This is no longer their vision of paradise. Indeed no good and merciful saviour could be black!

Such physical and self-hate is not inborn, it has to be constantly cultivated and reflected in people’s behavior and attitudes.

We consider this alienation in terms of psychoanalytical classifications. The African enslaved by his inferiority, the white man enslaved by his superiority alike, behave in accordance with a neurotic orientation.

The African behavior makes him akin to an obsessive neurotic type, or to put it another way, he puts himself into complete situational neurosis.

There is a constant effort to run away from his own individuality to annihilate his own presence.

Whenever an African protest or rebuke there is alienation. This type of person having been made inferior proceeds in varying levels.

They move from humiliating insecurity, through strongly voiced accusation, to despair, and in extreme cases excessive behavior, violence and crime.

The attitude of the black persons, towards the white or his own race often duplicates a constellation of delirium bordering on the pathological.

Supernova Remnant
The poison of color prejudices must be eradicated through education, as these pathological disorders affects all sides.

People need to learn about themselves in order to raise self-esteem. All other ways are temporal.

This lack of esteem of self as an object worthy of love has great consequences, for one thing it keeps the person in a profound inner insecurity, as a result of which it inhibits or falsifies every relation with others.

Self-rejection invariably brings the person to extremely painful and obsessive feelings of exclusion, of having no place anywhere.

It would be impossible to overestimate the intensity of the suffering some may go through because of these experiences of rejection. This heightens levels of insecurity in most people; few are able to overcome them on their own.

This is at the root of domestic violence and all other violent behaviors and criminal activities.

The central idea is the confrontation between the notion of civilized people and primitive people, and who is making the determination. This is the colonial situation that brought about the mass of illusions and misunderstandings.

Supernova Remnant

European 'civilization' and its best representatives are responsible for colonial racism.

Every one who is not working to restore the balance contributes to the injustices that persist.

There exists among people a solidarity through which each shares responsibility for every injustice and every wrong committed in the world.

Day after day the system elaborates its evil projects in our presence, day after day the leaders betray us pursuing a policy as foreign as possible to our real interests and our deepest needs.

You pride yourself on keeping your distance from realities of one kind or another, so you allow a free hand to those who are immune to the unhealthiest climates because they create these through their own conduct.

If apparently you succeed in keeping yourself unsoiled, it is because others have dirtied themselves in your place.

You do not know that without you and your blind indifferences, such misleaders could not carry out deeds that damn us all, as much as they shame themselves.

What are your personal obligations in the face of street children, female abuses, the lack of proper care for the elderly, the disabled, crime, a deplorable education system and the improper use of our state media that should be facilitating this effort.

Where is your commitment to your own children's' future through nation building by you first being the best role models. How can you be the best if you are afraid? Afraid to speak up; Afraid of people; Afraid to get informed; AFRAID, AFRAID, AFRAID.

Supernova Remnant
Where do you start?

Well, how many people pay lots of money to foreigners who claim to be motivational speakers who are unable to guide people through meaningful change?

Where are the examples of harmony in their own countries? How many of you give your earnings to church organizations, all of which are more confused than you are.

Why are people generally unwilling to contribute to African locals who can assist in this work of social development.

Why am I without resources?

The answer seems obvious. The answer is- the best of Africans remain stereotyped behind the legacy of racial prejudices.

Race because the majority of people were miseducated into an expectation of a white, blue eyed, blonde haired saviour, that would be coming to do for them what they can do for themselves.

The present levels of low self esteem and poor performances are the result of poor characters and racial fears.

Knowing who you are and where you came from are the keys to unlocking all of your hidden potential.

The search for all answers is the search for your life, your spirituality.

The work starts with you becoming informed, and when you are sufficiently convinced we are all one big family, start treating all people of all races like true members of your family, here is where your true spirituality begins.


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